What is XL2SAP?

XL2SAP is a framework where non-programmers can leverage multiple technologies including SAP GUI Scripting and remote function calls to perform SAP tasks. Three challenges we see with SAP are

  • Managing data going in. Not only is data migration's success heavily determined by the quality of the data, the post implementation transactions need to be executed accurately on an on-going basis by users. Master data requires governance; thoroughly designed processes, valid data entry and change logging. Inbound data has to be right.
  • Extracting and presenting data from SAP. Reporting is the backbone to decision support and regulatory compliance. What good is all that data if you can't access it?
  • Managing all the complexity that comes with all the power of SAP. Training, approving, workflows, automated testing are all required to fully leverage your SAP investment.
  • XL2SAP addresses these challenges!

    Load Data into SAP

    XL2SAP loads data from spreadsheets directly into SAP using native SAP technologies. The user can only execute transactions and enter data that they are allowed by standard SAP security.

    Extract Data from SAP

    XL2SAP pulls data into spreadsheets directly from SAP using native SAP technologies. The user can only access data granted by standard SAP security.

    Generate Reports

    Once the data is collected, several technologies exist for generating pivot tables and/or web-based reports. Ask us about our tools for generating mobile reports.

    With complete control of inbound and outbound SAP data, business process optimization, workflow, data governance and other ETL processes are all improved drastically.