Voxvita's software is an adaptable platform where ANY data can be stored and retrieved online through desktop and mobile versions

For example,

Customer records: contact information, credit card information, preferences, statuses, follow-up actions, email campaigns, relationship notes Employee records: contact information, emergency contacts, qualifications, certifications, training, authorizations, reviews and payroll

Event records: contracts, charter specifications, crew assignments, bar type, timing, departure, destination, other add-ons

Vendor records: contact information, payment information, preferences, statuses, follow-up actions, email campaigns, relationship notes, pricing agreements Requisitions: requested part or service, preferred vendor, pricing, approvals Purchase orders: vendor header information, line item details, manufacturer part information

Work Orders: header information, crew assignment, timing, procedures

Equipment records: basic information, manufacturer, model number, serial number, specifications, hierarchy

Preventive Maintenance: predefined procedures, timing, qualification requirements These are examples. Basically, if you can type it, we can store and retrieve it.

Voxvita software utilizes a scheduling tool where appointments or events can be rendered visually with in-place editing with click and drag to create, delete, modify events. The timing can be changed by dragging the start and end times. The entire event can be rescheduled by dragging. These schedules can represent employee availability, vessel schedules, docking schedules, tour schedules, corporate meetings and employee schedules.

Reporting is configured after all needed data has been set up. Summations, time frames, accounts, sub-accounts are all filterable.

Validation is done at the point of data entry in order to minimize errors. For example, if a field is required, the user is prompted to enter the required information. Validations can be configured once rules and thresholds are defined.

Security is by business object, by tab, by field group and field. Therefore, the organization gets to define who sees and changes what data.

Attachments can be added to all objects.