Update Equipment Demo

This silent demo shows how effectively you can change the Functional Location and de-activate directly from a spreadsheet.

XL2SAP Strengths


Every user, script author and tool accesses transactions through the GUI and can ONLY perform tasks assigned by standard SAP security roles.

Pre-Built Scripts

We have several pre-built scripts for creating/changing Functional Locations, Equipment, Materials, Long Text, etc.

Rapid Deployment

Choose a pre-built template or have us make a custom one for you. Either way, you can deploy in hours!

Users Love It

Zero training reduces risk and increases productivity. Populate a spreadsheet and push one button.

Business Value

Testing Automation

Testing can require high volume with perfect repeatability. Automated testing compared to error-prone human execution is always valuable if done right. While there are many automated testing tools, some can be overkill in functionality and/or price. Most are very intensive in set-up. XL2SAP can be a perfect technology for many scenarios.

Data Enrichment

Field surveys collecting valuable information can be easily uploaded with one-click. Sometimes these are one off datasets like 5,000 new material descriptions or reorganizing a section of the plant. Creating an ABAP program would never meet ROI and administrative burdens of other technologies can be time-restrictive.

Data Governance

Data governance processes are extremely important and frequent pain-points. Imagine reading an appoval email with a populated template, then clicking a single button to have SAP updated.

Work Flow

Workflow processes present decision makers with options and they communicate decisions with one click from their mobile devices or Outlook.

Task Automation

Uploading data from research or from partners. Updating approved master data changes in your data governance process. Automate nearly anything that requires significant clicking.


Create scripts to download data from SE16N with perfectly repeatability as a feed to a developing website or reporting engine

Automating repetitive tasks, single-click data loading, repeating preset decisions with one click, seeing how many users can simultaneously use your SAP instance and so much more can be accomplished with Voxvita software.